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Our Vision


        Our Vision is to supply quality aggregates at a reasonable price and in a timely fashion, sometimes the same day!


        Our continued purpose is to provide you with the material you need when you need it.


        Our Vision has always been one of value, experience, and the love of our work to handle the needs of our customers.


Call us today to experience for yourself the experience and value of Site Evaluations of Florida. 

Company Profile


        Site Evaluations of Florida is a Limited Liability Company that was started in 2005 working together with a local engineering company and Golf Course Construction Company.


        The demand to supply materials and trucking to many companies needing services in South West Florida. One of our first projects was supplying fill materials and trucking to a 100-acre development site in Naples and literally at the same time a golf course close to the same project needed approximately 50 dump truck loads of Small Washed Shell along with fill materials and golf course aggregates supplied to complete the project.


        Site Evaluations of Florida started to become a name in the area as a company that can supply and delivers almost any aggregate within the state of Florida in a timely and efficient manner. We soon started to expand to other areas like Punta Gorda, West Palm Beach, Loxahatchee, and Sarasota.


        Over the years, Site Evaluations of Florida began to dabble into the mining industry where we supply DOT road base materials, 57 stone, Bank Run shell, Ballast rock, Screenings sand, Rip Rap, Washed Sand, and Washed Shell products, which is our primary function today.


        We will supply and deliver aggregates to your project virtually anywhere in the southern half of the state from Davenport Florida to Key West and all points in between.


        Site Evaluations of Florida is a company that is here to stay to provide quality aggregates and trucking delivery services to its customers for years to come.


        We hope you will consider us as your primary supplier of materials and trucking for all of your projects no matter the size. We will deliver one load for your home or thousands for your road project or construction site.


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